Easter 'Free From' Treats with Freedom Chocolate

Easter 'Free From' Treats with Freedom Chocolate

I used to say that I could never eat a vegan diet, because I couldn’t give up chocolate. But, you absolutely can enjoy chocolate on a vegan diet - and Freedom Chocolate is allergen free AND suitable for vegan diets so everyone can enjoy it - even traditional chocolate lovers keep coming back for more - so it must be good. 

Easter 'Free From' Treats with Freedom Chocolate

Our chocolate melts beautifully and is ideal for baking with kids - especially for making Crispie Cakes. As well as our own Freedom Chocolate we used ‘free from’ cereal to make our Easter Crispie Cakes because we’ve a range of dietary needs in our family.  


We couldn’t agree on what kind to make so we made two batches - one using our creamy smooth Mylk Chocolate and one using our rich, indulgent Dark Chocolate, which is my personal favourite.

Here’s the finished article - but they didn’t hang around long!

Handcrafted Artisan Chocolate

We understand how difficult it is when family members with food allergies can’t enjoy the same treats as everyone else. Freedom Chocolate was born out of our own family’s experience of struggling with food allergies and intolerances. 

Mini Bar Gift Pack

You can find out more about the birth of Freedom Chocolate here. We’ve come a long way, and now have more than ten delicious flavours, and the best part is that Freedom Chocolate can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you’d like to make chocolatey 'free from' treats that everyone can enjoy - why not try our Mini Bar Selection - eight flavours chosen by our very own chocolate maker at a special 20% off discounted price for April. I’m confident you’ll come back for more. 

Until next time, stay safe and do get in touch if you’d like to ask anything about our lovingly handcrafted and ethical Freedom Chocolate!

Love from Sarah x

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