About Us




We are the Wood family from Dumfries, and Freedom Chocolate was born out of our family’s experience of struggling with food allergies and intolerances.  We understand how difficult it is when family members are excluded from enjoying the same delicious treats as everyone else.  There is a growing demand for a more universal chocolate and our experience is that there is a lack of high quality chocolate options available for those with special dietary requirements. Those that are available are often not suitable for those with multiple allergies and often they are not enjoyed by mainstream chocolate lovers. That is why we want to champion a truly inclusive chocolate experience.  One that can be enjoyed by the whole family, in total Freedom from barriers arising from moral choices and dietary needs. No more separate treats. No more feeling left out. Just Freedom.

Our family’s multiple allergies and intolerances (gluten, dairy, soy, eggs), coupled with the health implications of heavily refined sugars led us to make our own chocolate. Ditching cane sugar, we experimented with several minimally refined, natural sweeteners, and combined them with glorious raw cacao to create our early recipes. In the end we settled on Coconut Sugar as our core sweetener. Cacao is the raw ingredient before it is roasted to make cocoa. When roasted and turned into cocoa, many of the natural health benefits are lost. We chose to use raw cacao in our Freedom Chocolate in order to enjoy chocolate that retained those health benefits.

We make our chocolate through the craft of hand-tabling. This is a traditional, skilled technique where the liquid chocolate is manipulated on a granite slab which grows beta crystals.  Beta crystals are responsible for creating a unique texture and taste. Our early efforts met with mixed (and often messy!) results on a small chopping board. Now we utilize a large, custom built slab which we use to produce all our recipes, giving you a diversity of flavours, textures and experience.

With the exception of a blender to break down the cacao butter (which arrives in 5kg bricks!) and a heat source to melt the cacao butter, no machinery is used in the production of our chocolate. This means it is a more natural product, truer to the origins of chocolate confectionary making of centuries past. We melt our ingredients at a maximum temperature of 48C in order to retain as many of the health benefits or the cacao as possible.


Packaging & Ethics

The damage caused by plastic to the environment, wildlife and our health is huge and unacceptable.  There is a need for us all to be responsible for taking steps to reduce the impact of this damage.  This is a subject very close to our hearts and as such we have carefully chosen our packaging so that it is recycled, recyclable or both.

It has been well documented that the chocolate industry has massive issues with slavery and human trafficking (mostly children), particularly in many African nations.  Many of the big chocolate manufacturers are aware of this and ignore the issue whilst making huge profits.  We work very hard to source our raw cacao ingredients from reputable, ethical suppliers and will always continue to do so.


Simon is our Chocolatier and you will meet him at markets and shows. He’s very friendly and knowledgeable about our chocolate so make sure to come and say “Hello”.

Sarah works on all our backroom tasks including maintaining our website, social media and admin. If you call or message us it will be Sarah that you speak to.