Substitutes for eggs in baking

Substitutes for eggs in baking

Ever wondered if you can continue to bake with an egg allergy or intolerance or after going vegan? With some smart substitutes for eggs, you absolutely CAN! So if you’re a fan of GBBO and a home baker you can crack on to your heart’s content and noone has to miss out on their favourite treat.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Egg allergies and intolerances can cause a range of symptoms from mild digestive or skin issues right up to life threatening anaphylaxis. With eggs being such a staple in baking, diagnosis can leave many feeling they have to leave behind their favourite treats for good. Substitutes for eggs mean we can still eat baked yumminess and leaves me reminiscing of that Blow Monkeys tune *sings* “… Hey! What did I hear you say?…It doesn’t have to beee that way…” The Blow Monkeys – It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way • TopPop – YouTube (for anyone who wants to join me back in 1987!)  


What do eggs do in baking anyway?


Eggs add moisture and help to bind mixtures, especially in cakes! They help to produce a smooth batter. Eggs add structure and strength to baked goods too! Additionally, the water content in eggs lightens baked goods and help them to rise. Eggs also add richness to bakes, as a result of their fat content.


Mashed Banana?

Can mashed banana really be used as a substitute for eggs? Absolutely and its one of my go-to’s! I love that it adds a mild banana flavour to cakes.  For each egg a recipe asks for replace with around 65-70g mashed banana. Mashed banana is great for brownies and muffins and provides a lovely moist and dense texture. 


Versatile substitutes for eggs

One of the most versatile substitutes for eggs is unsweetened apple sauce. Apple sauce is great for those delicately flavoured cakes and anyone who’s not a fan of banana, because it doesn’t have the same fruity flavour hit as the banana.  You can pick up unsweetened applesauce fairly easily in supermarkets but remember to check the ingredients as many are sweetened with sugar. If you use sweetened applesauce you will need to adjust the amount of sugar in your recipe.


Apple sauce is really simple to make if you want that confidence of knowing that it’s allergy safe from your own kitchen. There’s a great recipe over at Life Made Simple Bakes. It takes as little as 15 minutes to make and only needs 3 ingredients. So its not a chore and super nutritious too!  Again 65g of unsweetened apple sauce is needed to replace each egg in your recipe.

Chia Seed & Flaxseed

Chia seeds and Flaxseed is both great subs for eggs. I personally prefer chia seeds over flax seeds but they are both nutrition powerhouses. You will need 1 tablespoon of chia or flax seed mixed with 3 tablespoons of water to replace each egg in your recipe. Both chia and flax seeds will give a light nutty flavour. Because Chia and Flax seed make your baking heavier and as a result, are best used in cookies, waffles, pancakes and muffins. 


More substitutes for eggs

Further substitutes for eggs include: Agar Agar – a gelatin alternative from seaweed Arrowroot Powder Aquafaba – the leftover liquid from cooked beans, canned chickpea water works well Carbonated Water Vinegar & Baking Soda   You can find out more about egg allergies and intolerances at University Health News.


To Sum Up

Despite your egg allergy, using just a few clever egg swaps, you can continue to knock up something scrumptious in the kitchen.   Go on, give Mary & Pru a run for their money!    


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