I can't believe we are finalists!

I can't believe we are finalists!

Today we found out we have been announced as Finalists in The Free From Food Awards ’21!

Three Times

Not once…not twice…but THREE times!! We can’t believe it - it’s not sunk in yet.

We knew they were to announce the finalists today, but we had no idea what to expect. These are the first awards we have entered, and we’ve been so nervous. To be recognized as Finalists in the FFFA is a massive recognition in itself for a small business like us. It will boost our credibility amongst families, like our own who live with the challenges of free-from life.

Just a normal day

The day had been the usual, crazy juggle of business meetings, chocolate making, family time and the inevitable stresses. Only, this time, with the added extra of constantly checking our phones and refreshing the FFFA website to see if the announcement had been made.

It was well into the afternoon by the time we finally saw the list had been published. My heart was in my mouth and my stomach was going like a washing machine. Would Freedom Chocolate be listed there? I could hardly bear to look.

There it was

We clicked first into the Confectionary category and started scrolling down the list. We had entered 3 flavours into this category, and I have to admit my heart sunk a little as I scrolled down the alphabetical list, showing a large number of big brand names. Then, there it was – Freedom Chocolate Dark Cherry, we couldn’t quite believe it!!! I still can't believe we are finalists!

One Finalist product was amazing, did we dare to look further to check the others? Hesitantly, we scrolled to the Artisan Foods category. Again, we had entered 3 flavours in this category. Right at the top of the list in this category was not 1 but 2 of our flavours – Dark and Dark Lemon!!!! There are also only 6 Finalists in this category.

What a feeling

Wow! What a feeling. Many prayers have been answered and being honest, I am still a little stunned. We know our chocolate is good, but we never expected to be 3 x Finalists in our first awards. Simon and the kids are so excited, and they wanted to film a quick video reaction. You can find that on our YouTube channel: Freedom Chocolate.

Anyway, got to run. (the work of a mum is never done!)

Speak soon,



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