Coconut Sugar







Coconut sugar is derived from the fruit of the coconut tree. Though it should still be consumed in moderation, it is a less refined sweetener than many others with a comparatively low GI (Glycaemic Index) rating of 35. By means of comparison, frequently used cane sugar has a GI of 68 and honey a GI of 50.

Thanks to its relatively simple collection and production, coconut sugar retains a considerable quantity of the nutrients found in the coconut sap.


These nutrients include:







Vitamin C

Specialised Fibre


There are also a wide variety of health benefits of coconut sugar. These include:

Lowering blood pressure

Boosting the immune system

Assisting in the management of diabetes (when consumed in moderation)

Improving mood

Aiding in weight loss (when consumed in moderation)

Strengthening bones

Reducing anxiety

Increasing energy levels

Strengthening the immune system


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