Coconut Bliss








Coconut Bliss is created by blending whole dried coconut meat until it resembles a butter consistency. Different to Coconut Oil which is only the extracted fat, Coconut Bliss is made from whole coconut, thus retaining all its nutritional content. 

Coconut contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins with obvious health benefits:

Phosphorus: – Vital in the strengthening of bones

Iron: – Assists in the production of haemoglobin, so helping to prevent anaemia

Manganese: – Aids in the maintenance of blood sugar levels

Magnesium: – Helps in the relaxing of muscles and nerves

Selenium: – Relieves the symptoms of arthritis as an important antioxidant

Potassium: – Useful in lowering blood pressure levels

Copper: – Important in keeping skin and blood vessels flexible and elastic

Zinc: – Promotes the health of the prostate gland, amongst other benefits

Vitamin C: – Valuable in strengthening the immune system

Dietary Fibre: – Useful in weight loss by making you feel fuller quicker


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