Raw cacao powder is obtained when unroasted cacao beans are cold-pressed. Cacao butter (the fat) is removed, whilst retaining the living enzymes in the cacao. The remainder of the bean is ground down to create cacao powder.

It should be noted that cacao is a distinctly different product to cocoa. Cocoa looks the same, but the fact it is roasted at high temperatures (altering the molecular structure of the bean) means it lessens its enzyme content and its overall health benefits. In contrast, raw cacao powder and butter are not roasted and so retain a wide variety of advantages.


These include;

High in Magnesium: – For the formation of haemoglobin, energy production and healthy immune function.

Rich in Phosphorus: – Supports skeletal structure alongside magnesium and calcium.

High in Potassium: – Assists in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Anti-oxidant materials: – Containing copper, manganese, selenium and zinc, these high anti-oxidants protect cells from oxidative stress.


Also high in protein, flavonoids (anti-inflammatory properties) and helping to promote a healthy nervous system, raw cacao powder is a superior, healthier product that is a valuable and integral ingredient in our chocolate range.


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