Freedom Chocolate named among The BEST by the Independent.

A call out through social media led us to be selected amongst the best 11 vegan chocolate bars, chosen by a panel of testers for The Independent.  The call came from a freelance writer whose quest was to find the best tasting vegan chocolate bar as we embarked upon Veganuary. Her mission was to present to health and ethics conscious customers looking to give the vegan diet a go, that they did not miss out on chocolate.

Traditional Hands-On Techniques

The message stated that she wanted to include small businesses as well as larger ones, so we pitched to her about our chocolate, describing our careful methods of making Freedom Chocolate, using traditional hands-on techniques and keeping our environment free from the Top 14 Allergens. Showing consideration to people with dietary restrictions was also part of the criteria as was the approach to the problematic ingredients and the the credentials of the source of cacao, all matters that Freedom Chocolate pay particular attention to but the key factor was looking at flavour and choosing the tastiest chocolate.