Freedom Chocolate Among Best Vegan Chocolate Bars

A call out through social media led us to be selected among best vegan chocolate bars, chosen by a panel of testers for The Independent.  The call came from a freelance writer seeking to find the best tasting vegan chocolate bar as we embarked upon Veganuary. Her mission was to present to health and ethics conscious customers looking to give the vegan diet a go, that they need not miss out on chocolate. We pitched about our chocolate, describing our careful methods of making Freedom Chocolate, using traditional hands-on techniques and keeping our environment free from the Top 14 Allergens. Showing consideration to people with dietary restrictions was also part of the criteria as was the approach to the problematic ingredients and the credentials of the source of cacao, all matters that Freedom Chocolate pay particular attention to but the key factor was choosing the tastiest chocolate.

Miss out dairy but don’t miss out taste

When we began making chocolate it was through necessity to be able to provide all members of our family with a family with a chocolate treat without worrying about allergies and food intolerances, but taste was very important to us too. Simon spent many hours trying different mixes of ingredients to reach a desirable texture and great taste. Simon had a family of five critics to try out his samples on, until we gave the unanimous thumbs up on the recipes. He now uses these recipes to create our selection of 11 flavoured chocolate bars. He is constantly trying new flavours and introducing new seasonal chocolate treats, so you can give Freedom Chocolate as gift as well as enjoy our chocolate bars all year round.

The testers who received our chocolate samples alongside around 100 chocolate bars had quite a task on their hands and said that they were impressed with the number of vegan chocolate bars on offer. They struggled to whittle it down to the final 11 selected to be featured in the article so we were over the moon to have have been chosen as part of this elite group. We even got singled out alongside Nomo and Asda for a special mention. Our special mention was the fact that we are an artisan producer, who know where our ingredients come from and they urged consumers to shop small – so one for the small food producers dedicated to doing things ethically and sustainably.

Freedom Chocolate taste among the best in the UK

The testers loved the beautiful smell of cacao that emanated from the bar of dark chocolate when it was opened and they loved the crisp, clean taste. Our Dark was included in the Best 11 and our Dark Mint was given 8 out of 10 by the testers but sadly didn’t make it into the list. 

Being among bigger brands such as those listed in the article. we feel immensely proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. Interest has been phenomenal since the article appeared. We were even contacted by an international brand wanting to work with us when they launch their new product range of accessories with environmental credentials- watch this space for more news on that!


Great Product – Great Taste

We know we have a great product and people are really starting to get on board with the brand. Having Freedom Chocolate named by The Independent among the best vegan chocolate bars like this really cemented for us what we already know – Freedom Chocolate tastes great! Receiving this recognition gives us that bit more credibility with new customers, and since about 85% of people who sample our chocolate then buy, we know our new customers will be equally delighted with the taste. So, we say, don’t compromise on the taste if you want to eat guilt free chocolate, buy HERE If you are interested in reading all that The Independent said about us, check it out here